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As the COVID-19 crisis continues, Encompass is here to help our customers and communities cope. From the Allstate family of companies (which includes Encompass) paying back $1 billion to customers through our Shelter-in-Place Payback, to contributing millions of dollars to a variety of community relief and recovery efforts, Encompass is committed to helping you through this challenging time. Just like we’ve been doing since 1930.


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Shelter-in-Place Payback

The Shelter-in-Place Payback provided a 15% payback to personal auto insurance customers in April, May and June.*

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Extended Coverage

  • Encompass will automatically cover customers who use their personal vehicles to deliver food, medicine and other goods for a commercial purpose during their COVID-19 state of emergency period. Standard personal auto policies typically exclude such coverage.
  • This additional protection will be added to policies in all states and will be in effect while a statewide COVID-19 emergency order is in place in your state. No action is required on your part.**
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*Paybacks will go customers with a policy in force as of 3/31/2020, 4/30/2020 and 5/31/2020, respectively. Paybacks will go to New York customers with a policy in force as of 4/30/2020, 5/31/2020 and 6/30/2020, respectively. The payments will be based on the monthly premium as of those dates, subject to a $10 per policy per month minimum. New customers must have made at least one payment on their policy to be eligible. The calculation does not apply to vehicles with suspended coverage. Subject to limited exceptions. Full pay customers and customers reaching the end of their policy period will receive a deposit to the bank or credit card on file, or receive a check, based on their most recent payment. Additional considerations may vary by state.

**For Oregon policyholders, this coverage will be provided for an additional 30-days after their State-of-Emergency ends. For California policyholders, this coverage will be provided until the state determines the termination date of such coverage.