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Encompass® Terms & Conditions

Important terms and conditions

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Product and price:

The information and descriptions contained in this site are intended as general information and are not necessarily complete descriptions of all terms, conditions, and exclusions applicable to products and services offered through Encompass Insurance. Product availability varies by state and is subject to qualifications. Description of a product or service on this site does not constitute an offer of coverage.

Coverages and discounts are subject to availability and qualifications. Some coverages are not available or are subject to modification in certain states. Other terms and conditions may apply. See your independent agent on specific information on coverages, limits and exclusions.

General information:

The information contained herein was believed to be accurate at the time it was posted. Encompass Insurance periodically updates the information on this website; however, Encompass Insurance does not accept responsibility of the timeliness of the information at the time it may be accessed nor does it accept any liability for any errors or omissions therein.

Underwriting companies and locations:

Encompass Insurance is underwritten by one or more of the following companies which have home offices located in Northbrook, Illinois except where otherwise noted:

  • Encompass Indemnity Company
  • Encompass Insurance Company
  • Encompass Insurance Company of America
  • Encompass Property and Casualty Company
  • Encompass Independent Insurance Company
  • Encompass Home and Auto Insurance Company
  • Encompass Insurance Company of New Jersey
  • Encompass Property and Casualty Insurance Company of New Jersey
  • Encompass Insurance Company of Massachusetts
  • Encompass Floridian Insurance Company
  • Encompass Floridian Indemnity Company

Insurance products and services provided through Encompass Insurance are not offered outside of the United States of America and are not available in Alaska. All products and services referenced on this website are subject to availability, which may vary by state, and qualifications. Other terms and conditions may apply. Please contact an Encompass Insurance agent for details.

Third-party websites:

This site may contain links to other Internet sites ("third-party sites") that are not controlled or maintained by Encompass Insurance. These links are provided as a convenience to visitors to our site. Encompass Insurance is not responsible for and makes no warranties or representations about the contents of any third-party sites nor does it approve, endorse or certify information available at any third-party site or linked addresses contained herein.

Consent to Electronic ("Paperless") Communications and Electronic Signature.

As used in this consent, the prospective policyholder or policyholder is referred to as "you", "your" or "Policyholder" and Encompass Insurance Company, Encompass Home and Auto Insurance Company, Encompass Indemnity Company, Encompass Independent Insurance Company, Encompass Insurance Company of America, Encompass Insurance Company of Massachusetts, Encompass Insurance Company of New Jersey, Encompass Property and Casualty Company, Encompass Property and Casualty Insurance Company of New Jersey, Encompass Floridian Insurance Company, Encompass Floridian Indemnity Company are referred to individually and collectively as "Encompass", "we", "us" or "our".

In order to apply for, purchase or service an insurance policy or other product through our website, you must agree (i) to complete and sign your application(s) and related forms electronically and (ii) to receive electronic communications from us. This consent applies to any transaction you enter into with us through the Encompass website.

1. Electronic ("Paperless") Communications: If you are electing or have elected to receive documents from us in electronic form, you agree as follows:

  1. Required Technology. In order to access, download and retain electronic communications/documents, you must have a valid and working email address and access to a personal computer or smart device with internet capability and the following: a compatible Internet Browser (e.g. Edge, Chrome, Firefox, DuckDuckGo, etc.) and Adobe Acrobat Reader (available for free at Your browser may be required to allow pop-up windows and it may also be necessary for you to enable "Cookies". You must have the ability to save electronic communications on your device(s) or to print out the electronic communications. We may require you to validate your email address. If any hardware or software requirements needed to access or retain your electronic records are revised, we will notify you and you will have the right to withdraw your consent without penalty.
  2. Types of Communications. This consent to receive electronic communications applies to all transactions with, and products and services from, Encompass that are initiated or applied for through the Encompass website. This includes without limitation communications and documents relating to an application for insurance and delivery of all relevant disclosures, statements, notices, policies, declaration pages, endorsements, agreements, and other forms ("Policy Documents") that we are required to send to you. You and we intend the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (E-SIGN) Act to apply to the fullest extent possible to validate the electronic transactions and communications between you and us.
  3. Electronic Communication Methods. Encompass may communicate with you electronically by (1) email to the most recent email address you have registered with us and (2) by a posting to the Encompass website that is accessed by you. All electronic communications from us to you will be considered "in writing." Encompass may send a notice to your email address when it posts an electronic communication to the Encompass website. An electronic communication is delivered to you upon placing the communication on the Encompass website or upon emailing it to you. Please print or save for your records a copy of any electronic communication (including this Consent Page) that is important to you.
  4. Withdrawing Your Consent. You must agree to receive electronic communications in order to purchase or service an Encompass policy or other product through our website. You may withdraw your consent to receive future electronic communications from us regarding a purchased insurance policy or other product by using the "MyEncompass" feature on the Encompass website, by email at or by calling Encompass Customer Service at: 1-833-415-9958. You must confirm the physical address to which you want the paper copies sent. After a reasonable time to allow us to process your request, all copies of future Policy Documents will be delivered to you in paper form. Except where prohibited by law, we reserve the right to impose a transactional fee if you withdraw your consent to receive electronic communications from us.
  5. No Paper Copies. Except where required by law, Encompass is not required to send you paper copies of any electronic communications. However, we reserve the right in our discretion to send you a paper communication regarding your Encompass policy or product. You may request a paper copy of a communication relating to your Encompass policy or other Encompass product or service by contacting Encompass Customer Service. Except where prohibited by law, Encompass may impose a fee for providing you with a paper copy at your request.
  6. Updating Contact Information. To update your email address or other contact information for receipt of electronic communications, or to withdraw your consent to receive electronic communications, please use the "My Account" feature on the Encompass website or contact Encompass Customer Service. You must notify us immediately at 1-833-415-9958 if you change your email address or other location to which your policy documents are to be delivered.
  7. Questions. If you have questions regarding Electronic Communications please contact us by any of the methods described above.

2. Electronic Signature and Use of Electronic Documents: If you elect to complete and/or electronically sign your application or any other related document on this Site ("electronic document"), you agree as follows:

By completing an electronic application or other form on this Site, you agree that, for purposes of complying with any applicable law that requires a "writing," such electronic document shall be considered to be "in writing" or "written" to the same extent as if it were in paper form. You and we intend the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (E-SIGN) Act to apply to the fullest extent possible to validate the electronic transactions and communications of the parties.

By electronically signing a document on this Site (which may include clicking on an "I Accept" button or other steps designated on this Site as constituting your electronic signature), you agree that application of your electronic signature indicates your intent to sign and be bound by the applicable document to an extent no less than if it were signed using pen and paper, that it shall satisfy all legal requirements for a signature.

If introduced as evidence in any judicial, arbitration, mediation, or administrative proceedings, such electronic documents shall be admissible as between you and us to the same extent and under the same conditions as records originated and maintained in paper form, and you agree that you shall not contest the admissibility or enforceability of such electronic documents resulting from your electronic transaction(s) through our website on the basis that the electronic document was not originated or maintained in paper form.

If you have questions regarding Electronic Signature please contact 1-833-415-9958.

3. Online Account Access. If you choose to create an online account on the Encompass website, you agree to the following:

  • You may access your account online by entering the required identifying information such as your username and password in the appropriate fields.
  • We are authorized to act on the instructions we receive under your password without any requirement to question or otherwise verify those instructions.
  • We are not liable for any unauthorized access to your personal information that is not directly due to our gross negligence or intentional misconduct.
  • You acknowledge, understand, and agree with Consent to Electronic ("Paperless") Communications and Electronic Signature agreement. You acknowledge your responsibility to keep your password and other uniquely identifiable information confidential and secret.
  • You will notify us immediately and cooperate with us if you believe anyone else has learned your password or if you think anyone has accessed your account without your authorization.
  • We may deny access or block any transaction made under your password without prior notice if we believe your password is being used by someone other than you, or if any unauthorized access to your personal information has occurred or may occur, or for any other reason, but we are under no obligation to do so.